New Year, New Quilting Style

I have been making traditional style quilts my whole life. Sometime last year I started feeling bored with making the same flat designs repeatedly, so I started looking for quilts that had more pizazz. After some brief searches, I felt inspired to type “Embellished Quilts” into the search box on Pinterest and viola!, I found what I was looking for. A few weeks later I walked into The Sewing Palace in Helena, Montana and I saw loads of textural quilting examples. I was so inspired, that I thought perhaps this year I would creating quilts that had a little extra oomph to them.

Since I have stacks of bed quilts already made, I thought I might try my hand at making smaller quilts that could be sold as baby quilts or made into wall hangings that I can changeout with the seasons. I decided to start with a Valentines day quilt.

I went to my local quilting store last week to pick up a backing fabric for some placements that I was making and I saw a wonderful display of Valentines day fabrics. It just so happens that the fabric medley that I fell in love with was last years fabric and it was marked 40% off. I left the store and went home to plan out my quilt.

This card was my inspiration for my design:


This quick sketch was my interpretation of the card:


This is the fabric that I purchased to create my new quilt with:


And this is what I have done so far:


Happy sewing,



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