Chain Stitch Tutorial

After I made the Cold Weather Sewing post yesterday I started thinking that perhaps my directions about making the scalloped edging were not clear enough. So I decided to rewrite them, using off-white fabric and bold colors for the thread. Here is my new tutorial for anyone who might be interested.

Embroidery Chain Stitch

Please note that I am using 3 strands of thread for both the chain stitch and the scalloped edging and a large needle with a dull point. A sharp pointed needle can snag the fabric and/or thread and make a mess of things.

I have also spaced my marking at 1/4″ apart.


Pull your needle and thread up through the first mark


Re-insert the needle back into the same hole that it came out of.


Gently pull until you have a loop.


Coming up through the bottom of the fabric, bring your needle through the second hole and the loop.


Gently tug your thread until you have your first link in the chain stitch.


Reinsert your needle back into the hole from which it came out of and poke it back through the next mark on your fabric. Loop your thread around the end of the needle and pull the needle completely through.


Give your thread another gentle tug.


Repeat the process until you have the desired amount of stitching.


When you have reached the end of what you are stitching, poke the needle through the fabric on the outside edge of your last chain link.


Gently pull your thread completely through, then knot it on the back of your fabric.

To continue on to the Scalloped Edging Tutorial CLICK HERE.

One thought on “Chain Stitch Tutorial

  1. I remember learning the chain stitch when I was about 14. I learned other stitches too but can’t recall their names anymore. For a year or so all my jeans were embroidered with flowers and random swirls. It was os satisfying. Now I knit, once in a while but I’d forgotten all about my brief foray into embroidery. Thanks for the memory jog!


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