Scalloped Edging Tutorial

Once you have your foundation chain of stitches in place (see the chain stitch post), you can proceed with the embroidered scalloped edging.

(FYI: you don’t have to have a foundation chain to make a scalloped edge. You can simply end each scallop by inserting your needle back into the fabric and bring it back up next to the insertion hole.)

Scalloped Edging Tutorial

I have used three strands of DMC floss here, but you can used whatever thread in what ever amount suits your project.

The scalloped edging is nothing more then a series of buttonhole stitches. If you enjoy any of the needle arts, this is a great stitch to know. I have used it often over the years for all kinds of sewing projects.


Bring your thread up through the fabric.


Insert your needle under one side of the chain stitch.


Wrap your floss around the underside of your needle.


Pull your needle through.


Give a gentle tug.


You have your first buttonhole stitch.


Re-insert your needle under the chain stitch threads and wrap your thread around the back of the needle again.


Give another gentle tug.


You now have two buttonhole stitches made.


Continue making buttonhole stitches until you have the desired sized scalloped edge. I have put 10 on this, but I have found 8 to be the perfect amount for the 1/4″ stitch length of the seed stitch.


Once you have the first scallop made, simply move onto the next one.


I hope you have fun with this stitch, it really is a very useful one to know and a fun one to play with.

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