Slow Sunday

Today was the slow day that I have been dreaming of all week. This morning I set bread and sticky buns to rise, then we took the dogs for a walk so we could all get some fresh air and exercise. Then I came home to…aahhh… my sewing.

I was able to spend some much needed time hand quilting my Independence Park quilt. This poor quilt has been neglected over the past year. I tacked it onto my quilt frame last spring, with hopes of finishing it by summer time, but that simply didn’t happen. Our past year has been so very tumultuous that my quilting was put on the back burner until recently. It felt really good to spend some time quilting while listening to the audio book “Fortunes Daughter” by Alice Hoffman. By the time the bread and rolls were ready to go into the oven I didn’t want to get up and break the meditative state that the quilting had induced.

While the breads were baking I stayed closer to the kitchen and I practiced my free motion machine quilting. Boy oh boy am I awful at it. I have played around with it a bit in the past, but the tension was always an issue for me, so I always gave up and went back to hand stitching. Recently however I decided that this is indeed a skill that I need to perfect. So last week while I was in Helena, I stopped at The Sewing Palace and picked up a Supreme Slider. Today was the first chance I had all week to play around for a while, so I did. As you can see, I had some serious problems when I started, but by the time my bread and sticky buns were ready to come out of the oven, the back of my projects were much cleaner and my stitches were not as shaky as they had been when I started. I am by no means ready to stitch on an actual quilt though. I will keep on practicing a little bit every day (at least that is what my intention is) and eventually I may master this too. Until then, only hand quilting and machine quilting with a walking foot will grace my quilts.

As a last bit of news, here is a peek at the hearts that I have embroidered so far. I still have 7 to go and I am hoping that they will be done my Wednesday at the latest. Wish me luck.

Fresh bread and cranberry sticky buns, hot out of the oven. Yum!

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