Independence Park Wonky Blocks

Yesterday I wrote about what I thought was the odd measurements of the Independence Square block and how they made my whole quilt a bit out of kilter. I thought perhaps I would elaborate a little bit here.

Every sewing machine sews a tiny bit off of the 1/4″ mark and mine is no exception. When I am sewing on a block cut in 1/4″ increments, I never have a problem with my seams matching up.  With cutting the fabric in 1/8” increments, the mistakes are extremely noticeable.


I cut my sashing at 12 x 3”, but because I had 4 seams in the block itself that were cut in 1/8” increments, nothing matched up for me.

I remade the pattern with with these new measurements and every single seam lined up perfectly. Go figure.


Here is a bag that I made using the measurements for the 13″ block shown above (please note the everything lined up nicely.):


Quilting is a journey that teaches me much about life and it takes me on educational excursions that I never expected. As I result of this quilting anomaly I have taken some education geometry classes, both in the classroom and online. It also gives me a new perspective on rulers (they really are all a bit different), pressure foot widths, needle widths, thread weights and ironing methods. All of these things effect you seam allowance and if even one of them is off so will your seam. I have learned an awful lot from making the original block so I cannot say they I am sorry I did it. I really like my Independence Park quilt and I am smarter for making it.