Progress on the Heart Quilt

Yesterday was a bright, but very cold day here in Montana. I think the high yesterday was around 9 degrees, perfect for an afternoon of quilting. As the sunlight shone through my home, I used the natural light to finished pressing the last of my prairie points (more on that later in the week), and stuffing my appliqués hearts.

I finished embroidering around the hearts on Thursday evening: I was very glad when it was done. I was getting tired of embroidering the scalloped edges. The only time I had to work on them was at night and by 9 pm the last thing my eyes want to do is focus on tiny stitches. But the task is done and I am happy with the results.


The one thing I wanted to get out of the way, although I am not ready for them yet, was the prairie points. I want to add these to the border of the quilt and I was unsure if I had enough fabric left, so I cut and pressed them before I went any further on the project in case I had to purchase more fabric today; I don’t thank goodness. All 300+ prairie points are cut and ironed. I must be insane because it took me about 5 hours to cut and press all of them.


Once I had the prairie points completed, I moved on to stuffing my hearts. I left a bit of “give” in my hearts when I appliquéd them to the background fabric so I could add a bit of dimension by stuffing them. Here is how I did it:


I used my original heart pattern to cut out hearts from left over quilt batting. Once they were all cut, I trimmed them each about 1/4 all around so they would fit inside the appliquéd hearts without bunching up.


I turned each block over…


…then I lifted up the backing fabric only…


…and made a “Y” shaped cut.


Once I had the back opened up I slid in and smoothed out the batting.


Once the batting was in place and smoothed out, I used a basic whip stitch to close up the cut fabric.


To ensure that the batting will not shift over time, I added a running stitch combined with a back stitch, that went through the backing fabric and the batting.


The end result was a raised heart.


It took me 4 hours to stuff all the hearts, but I believe that once the yellow block fabric is stitched to the batting and backing fabric, the heart will really POP! at least that is what my intentions are.

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