Update on the heart quilt

I was able to attach all the blocks to the sashing yesterday. It took longer than I had intended for it to, because I used the same fabric that I made the hearts out of to make the sashing and it took me forever to decide which fabrics should go where: I never should have done that. I know many people like the scrappy, used it up look on quilts that are made with new fabrics, but I do not. I am very passionate about making scrap quilts using left over fabrics as well as recycled clothing, sheets, etc. To use new fabric though, with the intention of making something look scrappy is not for me. Never-the-less, using up the odds and ends of the heart fabric is what I did. It doesn’t look too bad, it’s just the lack of symmetry is annoying to me.


Once I had it all assembled, I laid it out and took many long looks at it, trying to decide what my next step should be. I thought perhaps I should just add the border, sandwich the batting and backing to it and get it on my frame. That is not what I did. Instead I grabbed my pearl cotton, embroidery floss and needle and I set to work adding more embroidered trim to each block.

I was able to get one block done yesterday with a modified herringbone stitch and French knots. My Grandmother would be so very proud of me. A long time ago she she spent an entire day trying to teach me how to do French knots and no matter how hard she tried, I just couldn’t get it. Now look at me, I am a French knot making fool!

When I started this quilt I had high hopes that I would get it done before Valentines Day. All of my hopes were dashed yesterday when I made the decision to add another embroidered border to each block. Instead, my intention has shifted to making this quilt to the very best of my ability and many, just maybe, I will enter it into some local quilt competitions this year. Nothing major, just the local county fairs and such. We will see.

Happing stitching~

11 thoughts on “Update on the heart quilt

  1. Your French knots look fab! Random scrappy can be a bit of a trial if your personality prefers order, but in the end they always seem to work! I can never do it, so I have to give the random layout job to my 1st and 2nd
    grade piano students…they don’t seem to struggle and we definitely achieve random!

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  2. This is so lovely! I love that you are combining quilting with embroidery. I think the second border will be worth missing the Valentine’s Day deadline. Deadlines are just self imposed pressure sometimes, better to make it the best you can!

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  3. I agree that it is worth missing the deadline. Every stitch I take is so calming and purposeful. Even when I have to remove stitches and redo them, it’s all good… all part of the process. Besides Valentines Day is only one day out of the year, love is everywhere all the time. Happy day to you Stephanie!


  4. That is so striking! I made the Bloom quilt last year by Lori Holt and I remember so well trying to “randomize” the sashing which used the same fabric that was in the blocks and trying to make it all work together. You did a great job!


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