I only wrote two blog posts last week because I have been busy trying to get the Independence Park quilt finished. I still have at least another months worth of quilting to do though. My needle catching fingers are so sore. I have been rubbing lanolin on them at night and that seams to help. I fear that the back of my quilt might be studded with tiny blood stains: It’s a good thing I choose a patterned backing fabric.


Today I completed one row and I was relieved to unroll part of the next. I have this new section already partly quilted so that makes may work load a bit lighter. When I first put this quilt on the frame last year, I sparsely quilted around each block. It was later on that I decided it was not enough, so I went over each row and added more stitching. I am pleased with the results although it is creating more work for me.

I have been working on my heart quilt about 1 hour each night. Last night I had to keep stopping because I was so tired that I kept making mistakes on my french knots. I was hoping to have the embroidery around each block completed by the weekend, but I’m not so sure if that is going to happen. Here is my progress so far:

I follow many quilting blogs and some of them seem to have something new to report every day. Their work is beautiful and their posts are eloquently written: “Where do they find the time?”, I wonder. Many of these ladies are hard acts to follow, I feel a bit inferior each morning while I am “Oohhhing” and “Aahhhing” over their work. Then I remind myself that slow sewing takes time. Quilting is a journey that some of us are taking and we are all at different points on the quilting road. The object is not how quick we get there, but rather how much we enjoy the journey.

Happing sewing!

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Slow and steady is a great way to sew, quilt, etc. your blocks will be so worth the extra effort! It was a slow day for me too, only completing two seams on the coat I’m working on, and still a bit of pad stitching to go. Some days are just slow!

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  2. I love to follow quilters blogs too. Sometimes the work rate of some of them leaves me feeling very inferior – how can they have finished another quilt and had time to write about it too?! You are quite right to put the emphasis on how enjoyable the process is rather than worry about how fast/slow we are in comparison to other quilters. ☺

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