Moving right along

1-24-2017-2-heartsI am making a bit of progress on my heart quilt. I was able to complete one heart block last night and another today. I now have 6 completely embroidered blocks finished and 6 more to go! Just for fun I timed how long it takes to embroider around one block and it comes out to almost 3 hours. Times that by 12 blocks and I must be nuts. After all the time I have put in on it, I hope I am in awe of the quilt once it is done.

I was watching a documentary on Buddhism the other day and several monks were working on a gorgeous mandala that was made with colored sand. After spending a hundred hours making it they dumped the whole thing as a lesson in impermanence. I thought for a split second about how it would feel to compete my quilt only to open up the wood stove and shove it in and I was horrified at the thought. I don’t know how the monks can bear to destroy all their work. I guess I am just way to attached to my worldly possessions.

Before I started this quilt I thought perhaps I would try and sell it once it was finished. Ah ha ha ha… never! This little Valentine’s Day quilt has become a labor of love.

valentines-day-quilt-heart-1With each stitch I take I think of all the people in my life who I love and would like to dedicate the making of this quilt to; I can’t choose. My dear sweet husband is in the raised hearts and the tiny little whip stitches around each heart.


unadjustednonraw_thumb_17eMy maternal grandmother. my everlasting inspiration for almost everything I create, is in every last French knot (and there are 140 in each 9” block).



heart-with-trimEven my mother, whom I had a terribly tumultuous relationship with is in the embroidered scalloped edges around each heart, because she is the one who taught me how to embroider when I was around the age of 5.


My sons, whom I love so dearly are never far from my thoughts as I stitch everyday. I think of my beautiful 5 year old grandson, who I know would love to build a fort out of the blanket once it is done. The memories keep flooding through my mind.

Perhaps this is what is truly meant when someone says “…it is a Labor of Love”,