New Tools of the Trade

I finally received my Joann’s order the other day. It took a while to get here because…well, Joann’s is not know for their speedy shipping, but all was well once I opened the box to review my new tools.


Such a big box for such a small order, what were they thinking?


I received a new stencil cutter so, hopefully, I can cut my own quilting stencils. My beloved John James quilting needles and (my new pride and joy) an open top thimble by Clover.

I tried out the stencil cutter the other night, it is going to take some practice and the right plastic. I tried using a piece of plastic from an old milk jug and it didn’t turn out too well, plus the house filled with the scent of burning plastic. I think I am going to have to use this outdoors once the weather warms up here.


The John James needles are my favorite. They don’t bend and they hold their point for quite a while. I have tried other brands of quilting needles, but my favorite is John James.


The last thing I received is my new open top thimble and I LOVE it! It took a bit of getting use to because I tend to pushing the needle through the fabric a little higher up on my finger tip. But after running the needle up between the thimble and my finger nail a few times, I got the hang of it.


Happy creating!!

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