Handmade and Happy

pinterest-logoI have been thinking about the woman that I met at Joann Fabrics the other day and the inspirational conversation that we had about working for ourselves by selling the things that we love to create. I LOVE to make quilts, but everyone knows that that is simply not profitable. So I began to think of other things that I could make and sell, and the ideas are endless. After a 30 minute excursion on Pinterest, I felt so overwhelmed that I had to take a break from my research.

True to the nature of the Universe, as soon as I let my guard down and focused my attention on something else, an idea popped into my head. Make the stuff that you use or would like to have.” With that in mind I started a new internet search that inspired me beyond words.

During my search, I found adorable little pin cushions that look like flowers. The inspiration for my cushions was a sunflower with a large brown center and bright yellow & orange petals. It truly was beautiful.

Since I want to start with what I have on hand, I decided to make several practice pieces to see if they would be profitable compared to the amount of time they took to create. I also wanted to see if I even liked making them. Here is what I have made so far: Aren’t they cute? I made them with precut fabric scraps that I save from each project that I make.

I have been having a wonderful time making these pin cushions. I think I might like to make more to sell on Etsy, but I want to try a few more creative projects first.

Happy Creating!!

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