Everything is coming up daisy’s

Here is a short little tutorial on making daisy’s from a basic chain stitch. They are so cute and so simple.

I marked where I wanted each daisy to go, using a water soluble marker. I then pulled the needle up through the fabric just slight off center of the middle of the circle. I did this because I wanted to leave a space for the French knot in the center.

I reinserted the needle down next to where I pulled the thread up from. (Many people pull it up through the same hole that the thread is coming out of, but because the fabric I am working on is thin and a bit unstable with all the threads coming and going from the center, I opted to not reuse the same hole.) Before I pulled the needle all the way through the back of the fabric, I angled it to come back out where I wanted edge of the flower petal to be and let it rest there a second, while I wrapped the tail of the floss around the tip of the needle. Then I pulled the needle through and gave it a gentle tug.

To anchor the petal in place, I inserted the needle on the outside edge of the petal, angled the needle up through where I wanted my next petal to be, then pulled it completely through. I kept repeating this process until I had all 8 petals made. (You can make as few or as many as you would like)

Instead of knotting my floss on the back of the project I wove it in and out between the sewn threads to anchor it well. Once the top has been quilted it will be almost impossible for the threads to work their way loose.


There you have it, a cute and simple embroidered daisy.

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