Color, color and more color!

Recently my son and his girlfriend re-painted the interior of their home with vivacious colors of ocean blue, lavender and green. As I was sitting in their home admiring how all the colors worked together, I told Jasmine how I loved the colors, but they would never work in my home (I’m a French farm house pastel type of gal). “Why not?” she asked. I made a lame excuse, but really I was thinking, “Yeah, why not?”.

I LOVE color, always have. I have been an artistic person my entire life and I even worked as an artist when I lived in Pennsylvania. One of my favorite things to do was play with color. Sometimes I paid too much attention to the colors and not enough to the actual design, but I learned a lot and I had tons of fun!

Moving to Montana was suppose to be something that would inspire me to new heights, unfortunately it did the opposite. I became uninspired and my zany personality became dull, boring and bitter. I lost my pizzazz.

Recently I have been feeling very unsettled in my everyday life and my job. There is no vibrant color in my life, no spontaneity, no bling. I feel like my life has gone from Caribbean bright colors to dull muddy browns. So for the past month I have been making some changes one little patchwork piece at a time. (Yup…life is just a big piece of patchwork) I decided to start with every new purchase that I make. This week it was fabric!

This past weekend, I found some beautiful, bright fat quarters of fabric at a fabulous price, so I stocked up with enough fiber to make 10 pin cushions. I have the two orange flowers completed so far and I am looking forward to making the rest of them in the near future.

Re-doing my life from cool, safe pastels to lively, energetic colors might take a bit of time, but I’m on the job…

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