False Border

With this heart quilt I want to be able to do two things. The first is to quilt it on my free standing hoop. The second thing is to quilt right up to the edge of the quilt. This is virtually impossible to do when hand quilting with a hoop: Almost, but not completely. In order to quilt right up to the edges without stretching the fabric and risking distortion, I added a false border with a long machine stitch that can easily be removed after the quilting is complete.

I save old sheets because they work great for all kinds of projects and this is one of them. I took an old twin sized sheet and I ripped off all the hemmed edges. Once this was complete I measured out a generous 10 inches and I tore the sheet into 4 – 10″ strips.

This is where the ripping stopped and the cutting begins. Ripping  or tearing stretches the edge fibers of the fabric and that is not good if you want accurate measurements. So I just ripped the basic measurements of the strips, then I cut them to the width of the quilt using my rotary cutter.


Once all 4 sides were cut, I pinned them one at a time to the quilt and basted them in place using the longest stitch length on my machine and a dark contrasting thread that I will be able to easy see when I go to remove it later on.

Now I can quilt right up to the edge of the quilt without stretching the fabric. Once all the quilting is done, I will just take a seam ripper and remove the temporary border.

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