Closing a Chapter and Creating a New Life

Something inside my thought processes recently shifted and it has snowballed into a reality that is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. It all revolves around my paying job and a mentally and physically unhealthy work environment.

I could use lots of verbiage to paint a vivid picture of all that is wrong with my boss who creates a harsh work environment, but that will not do any good. Suffice to say that the decision to move on with my life was not an easy one. Excluding the stress that my boss interjects into the job, I LOVE what I do. I work in a small town library helping and inspiring people and they reciprocate by inspiring and helping me. I have met many wonderful people and made countless new friends, but my health is demanding that I move on.

In the past 4 weeks I have printed up my resignation 3 times, but I only had the courage to hand it in this past Wednesday. I kept getting messages to “take a leap of faith”, but now that I handed in my notice, it feels like I am jumping off a cliff instead. Leaping is just to delicate a word to use when you are fearful about paying your bills on time.


My solution has been to surround myself in positive thoughts and affirmations. I listen to Louise Hay and other Hay House authors every day.


I listen to or watch “The Secret” daily while I go about my day.


I am taking an online class from Lisa Nichols (which I really enjoy)


…and I just sent in an interlibrary loan request for the Jack Canfield book “The Success Principles”.


I am reprogramming my brain and gearing up to work from home, because in the small town where I live, there is no other work.

Created by Bella is not just about creating “stuff” Its about creating a life that matters. Whether you are wrapping yourself up in a handmade quilt during a cold winters night, or sitting down to a made from scratch homemade meal at the end of the day, or simply creating a life that you are happy with, alongside people that you love. We all have the potential to create a life that we want to live, not just have to live. Created by Bella is about bringing experiences and things into existence.

I truly hope that you too will have the courage to jump of a cliff and have enough faith to believe that you will land safely. If you too have a leap of faith story, please feel free to share your experiences by commenting down below. I could use all the inspiration I can get right now.

My you be blessed today and every day.

6 thoughts on “Closing a Chapter and Creating a New Life

    • Thank you for you well wishes and your book recommendation. I will inter-library loan “Your Money or Your Life” next week when I go into work. I recently read “Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life” and although I already live a frugal lifestyle, the book was inspiring to say the least. “People first, then money” is their motto. They believe that life it meant to be enjoyed not suffered through: I like that.


  1. Welcome to the leaping club! I mailed my letter on Friday, and while my situation was different from yours, the jump is still scary. I absolutely believe God has plans for each one of us, and that literally chases the fear away for me. I am seeking His will and direction, and that in itself is a great comfort. Keep us posted!

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  2. When I quit my job (because I was angry all the time, for years,) it felt exciting and scary at the same time. My income was the larger of the two, and though we are frugal and never spent (except in the early years) close to what we made, it still felt like a new thing to navigate. Never once since then have I regretted my decision. I doubt you will regret yours, either. Good luck!

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