So… Last night when I arrived at work, (this is my last week there…yay!!), this is what I was met with:

Lots of books, DVD’s, video’s and audio programs. (I had put the DVD’s and audio programs away before I snapped this photo.)

I had been off work for 2 business days and during that time a staff of 3 people have been working at the library and not one of them took the initiative to put these things away, they just let them pile up. So, with lots of negative attitude I began putting things back on the shelves, then suddenly a small voice in my head said, “Enjoy this tonight, for you will not pass this way again.” Instantly I knew this voice was right!


We get opportunities all day, every day to do things to the best of our ability, not to mention the countless opportunities we have each and every day to be of service to others. This was one of the many golden opportunities that I had, to do my very best with joyful intention, because, lets face it, life is very short and we will never have this moment ever again.

I have run into people that believe that when you use the term “create” then you must make something tangible. The truth is that we “create” everything in our lives whether it is seen or unseen. Our creations are not always palpable.

Peace to all…

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