New Beginnings

Friday was my last day of work at the library and it was bitter sweet. I love working around books and with the people who like to read them, but unfortunately library work has transformed into something else as humans have moved into the age of technology. So it was a very good decision that I should move on. The plain and simple truth is that I don’t have anything to move on to from a financial perspective. Putting that aside I do have plenty to keep me occupied.

Saturday we spent the morning in a large town getting a few things that we are going to need for our new adventures, like a backpack for me. Then we went home and got the dogs and headed for the mountains. It was chilly out especially with the wind, but oh so nice to take in deep breaths of fresh air.

On Sunday we loaded the dogs up once again and headed for the flatlands around Warm Springs, Montana. We sought out and explored the old cemeteries there while enjoying each others company. It’s been a long time since we had an entire weekend to ourselves and it was wonderful.

To finish off a great weekend we went out into the foothills last night to watch the Virgo moon come up. The virgo moon is the March moon that is in alignment with detail oriented perfection. It’s about cleaning out your body and your environment so you can heal in your body, mind and Spirit. This moon is also referred to as the Crow Moon. Once we clean up our lives, the March moon will help to enliven us with fresh energy. It’s the transitional moon between winter and spring. To me it means that the long winter is almost over and that the new life that comes with spring is not far off.

Virgo Moon