Pin Cushions

Slowly but surely I have been making pin cushions. I have 6 completed with only another 6 to go. Hopefully, since I have a little bit more time available for sewing, I can have these done sometime next week.


Some of these I have put labels on, but I am not sure if I like them or not, what do you think? Should I add labels to all of them or eliminate them all together. I would really love to hear all opinions. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Pin Cushions

  1. I think they should be labeled, but I think the tag size is what is causing your hesitation. If they were just a bit smaller they would be perfect. (Realizing that may be impossible of course!)

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    • Yes, they are large, you are correct on that point Kathy. I had them left over from when I had my Created by Bella shop years ago. I found them when I cleaned my sewing room and I thought I should use them up. Thank you ladies for your advice, I really appreciate it. I hope you both have a Happy Day!

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