Moving Right Along

Now that I am finished quilting the blocks, the rest of the heart quilt is moving quickly. I have half of the top border complete and I am hoping to finish the rest of it today. With any luck, I will have the whole quilt completed by the end of next week.

Several weeks ago, I started to loose hope of ever getting this finished, and I had to really motivate myself to keep working at it. I was so bored with looking at the same blocks day after day for the past 3 months, that I had started to “just do it” instead of focusing on the enjoyment that the quilting normally brings.

Now that I am on the home stretch though and I am adding something other than straight lines to the quilting, the work is so much more enjoyable.

The one thing I can say about this quilt is that it is an original. There is no-one else in the whole wide world that has a quilt like this and I like that thought. I love seeing the quilts that other people make (or have made), and it is so nice to see the diversity among quilters. I absolutely love it when people start to think outside of the box and take risks that make their quilts unique. It’s also interesting to see that as people transform within their own lives their creations also change. Color, texture, and design principles change with our life situations and our moods. Sometimes we can even change our life situations and our moods, simply by changing what we create.

Hhmmm, there is some food for thought,


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