Heart Quilt Update

QuiltingI simply cannot explain it. Every time I get close to completing a section of this heart quilt, I get a nagging feeling that it wants to transform itself into something else. I have finished the top and side borders (or so I thought) and I started working on the bottom border today. I was feeling good about finally being able to finish this quilt this week because I am really tired of working o it. But as I sat down and started quilting the word “Love”, I came to the realization that I could no longer ignore the nagging feeling that the border was far from being complete. It simply needs more work. Reluctantly I went to get my marking pen and I started to mark where the quilt wants more stitching. I say the quilt wants, because I DO NOT WANT TO DO ANY MORE WORK ON THIS QUILT! So it has to be that the quilt has taken on a life of it’s own, like that nasty plant in Little Shop of Horrors.
Quilting2When I finally gave in and marked the border with new stitching lines and I started to sew, a word kept coming into my head over and over again: Transfiguration, transfiguration. I think that is what we do when we start a new project like building a quilt. We take yards of fabric, or old clothing, and we cut them up into shapes, than sew them back together in new orientations, bind it together with batting & backing and wondrously we have a quilt. We transfigure fabric into functional blankets. We are magicians of sorts and our tools for creating our magic are needles, threads and fabrics. Except in this case, it seems as if the quilt is dictating how it wants to be created.

Quilting1I remember reading somewhere that Michelangelo once said that “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Well this is the first quilt that I have ever created that is revealing to me, with every stitch, what it want’s to look like in it’s completed form. I think my quilt is possessed.