Bottom quilt border complete…or so I thought.

This is what I have been quilting on the  borders:

Border Before 2Border Before 1

It was really quite plain and a bit boring to my liking, especially in relation to the rest of the quilt that is filled with detailed handwork. So last week I made the decision to add more quilting. I started with the bottom border by adding horizontal & vertical stitching to some sections and plain lines to the triangular sections.

Quilted Border1

I finished quilting the bottom of the quilt yesterday, or so I thought. I was so happy and  looking forward to quickly adding the other quilting lines to the sides and top of the quilt. My plan was to have ALL the quilting done by this time next week.

Quilted Border 3

I took the quilt out of the hoop and set it on the dining room table to photograph it and as I was taking it back to the quilting hoop I realized that I had sewn the wrong color on 4 of the triangular sections!

Border Mishap 2

You can see in the circle on the left that I had used white thread and in the circle on the left I used pastel green and pink.

Border Mishap 1

The stitching to the left of the blue point (by the birds head) is quilted in white. The stitching to the right of the blue point (by the top of the “L”) was sewn in pastel pink and green.

That was enough for one day. I folded the quilt up and set it onto of the quilting hoop and figured that I would deal with it today. I have never removed stitching from a quilt before so it should be an interesting new experience.

Please wish me luck…sigh.

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  1. Ah. I hate when I realise something like that after I thought I had finished! The good news is the quilting design itself looks lovely and I think you did the right thing adding a bit more in 🙂

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