Moving right along…

Yesterday was a peaceful day filled with decluttering, cleaning and sewing. I was able to remove all the white thread from my mistake the day before and re-quilt the area using the intended colors. Once that was finished I moved on to one side of the quilt. This time I am playing it safe and hand stitching all the colored areas first, then I will come back later and do all the sections that get white thread.

I was able to get all the colored areas stitched on the left side and I am hoping to move on to the right side today. It’s a cloudy day outside so I don’t think sitting and quilting this afternoon will be a problem.

Quilted Left Border 4

I started this quilt because I was getting bored with the typical cookie-cutter type quilts that abound in the quilting world today. So many people are making quilts that were designed in the 1800’s, yet they are coming up with new names for the patterns and faster ways to get from the beginning to the end. It is no longer uncommon to have someone make a queen sized quilt in a matter of weeks. Yet I look upon these quilts and feel grief because the art of quilting is no longer about loving the process, but rather how many quilts a person can get done in a month, 6 months or year. I know because for a few years I was like that too.

I now make quilts for the love of the skills and art. I love to take my time and create a truly one of a kind quilt that is uniquely mine and mine alone. With that said, I know I have complained many times, about how long this quilt has taken me to make. The truth of the matter is that it has been a true labor of love. Just when I think I am getting tired of working on it, I get a feeling that the quilt wants to be sewn in colored threads instead of white and the piece takes on new feelings all over again. This is where the joy of quilting comes in, true bliss. At least for me it is.

Happing sewing!


5 thoughts on “Moving right along…

  1. I love the scale of those birds and hearts. I was envisioning them to be much bigger until I saw the photo of them with your heart blocks. This is truly going to be lovely! Are you keeping it?

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    • The hearts are just under 2 x 2″ and the birds are 3 x 3 1/2″ Kathy. Yes I will be keeping it. With all the work that went into it I would never get paid what it is worth and because of all the embroidery, it really shouldn’t be used. So my husband is going to be making me a quilt display shelf and I am going to hang it in the house somewhere. Thanks for your comment.

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  2. I love your approach to quilting. I have a large list of works in progress that I am trying to get through so I can do exactly what you described, make what I really love and enjoy the process. Little bits of it come through each week for me so my time is coming. Your quilt is so pretty.

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