Heart Quilt Journey

It all started with an idea. I had a desire to create a quilt that was different from the traditional style quilts that I had been making my whole life. I was bored with flat designs and I abhor all over quilting with the same pattern that flattens the whole quilt into a thoughtless mess. So I set to work doing some artistic research. My goal was to find quilts that simply had more pizazz. I found plenty and I also found inspiration in objects not usually related to quilts, like greeting cards. This one in particular was my starting point for my Valentines day quilt.


I had actually had hopes of creating it in just white and reds, but I was having a bit of a problem finding unique fabric that I liked. Then I accidentally stumbled upon this fabric collection when I was in my local fabric store one day and I knew that although it was not in the color scheme that I had intended, that this was the perfect fabric for my quilt.


If you are interested in seeing the rest of the journey with this quilt click here.

This morning I took the last step to completing this quilt. While it was still damp, I unpinned it from the floor and gently placed it into the clothes dryer for the final fluffing. (I am a sucker for a crinkly quilt.) 30 minutes later it was dry, crinkly and after three and a half months, finally finished.




This quilt will be folded and put away for a little while I patiently wait for my husband to make me a display frame from which to hang it.

I never intended for this Valentines Day quilt to take so long to complete, it was suppose to be a one month project at the most. This quilt had other ideas though. It wanted to be sculpted in ways I never could have imagined. Sometimes I felt as if my grandmother was the creative force behind the details in this quilt. I feel for sure that she was sitting with me while I embroidered the delicate little yellow flowers and I am positive she was with me while I was quilting each stitch. It didn’t start out to be a dedication to her, but somewhere along the way that is what it turned into. She was one of my greatest role model in life and she is by far the person I miss the most. So I have decided to dedicate this quilt to her.


Dedicated to Iva Lena Elliott 1895-1988

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