New Project

My mind and my hands cannot be still for very long. For weeks now I have been planning to make a cover for my fireplace mantle that had a painted elephant on it. Yesterday I began the project by drawing out the design.


My life has been so filled with stress for the past 12 years that I forgot how much I love to create art. I loose myself for hours only to awaken from my haze to see that on the desk before me is something drawn on a piece of paper. I have heard that this is how you know when you have touched on your life’s calling.

Trying to conform into other peoples ideas of what I “should” be doing in my life, made me lose site of that for a long time. It took walking away from my job, refusing to answer the phone and saying no to loved ones to bring me back to who I am.

I have discovered that when we empty our lives of all that does not matter and focus only on what does, than and only than, we will find ourselves.


3 thoughts on “New Project

  1. Your drawing skills are quite brilliant! The elephant is coming along well.

    Like you – I enjoy drawing and I know what you mean about suddenly looking up after a project as if waking from a dream.

    I have been going through a similar pruning exercise myself, I am just at the challenging peak and it is always good to read about someone who has come out the other side. Thanks for sharing.

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