The past week came and went way too fast. Last Monday my husband took a day off from work to go see the doctor about some shoulder and neck pain that he has been having. As a massage therapist I was working on him daily over the past several weeks, but he would no sooner feel better than he would go back to work and re-injure the same muscles over and over again. After 2 or 3 weeks of this, I suggested that he go see the doctor and get some pain medication and possibly a doctors note so he could get some time off from work. This, I was sure, would give the effected muscles some time to heal. Much to our surprise though, the doctor was not concerned about his muscular pain at all. Instead she was preoccupied with his super high blood pressure and his blood sugar level. We both had a life changing moment when he was told that he was only 2 points away from getting his first insulin injection.

On the way home, Mark had a bit of a pity party (temporarily allowed), but my mind was busy thinking up healthy low salt and low sugar meals. I have had a lot of practice with this over the years as I was diagnosed with low blood sugar when I was a teenager. My blood sugar would drop so low that I would occasionally have seizures. So paying attention to sugar content would not be too much of a problem, but trying to find a balance between a hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic diet would be a challenge. Two people living in the same household, eating the same meal, but with two different dietary needs. I had my work cut out for me.

Believe it or not, it hasn’t been too hard for us though, because we already eat really good with most of our diet being whole foods and positively everything from scratch. Mark has had to cut out 2 of his three (large) cups of morning coffee with sugar and we have both cut out all sweet treats. I have increased our raw veggie intake in the form of salads with a wide variety of colorful vegetables & nuts/seeds and decreased all other serving sizes.

DiabeticTestingKitWe monitor his blood glucose three times a day and there has only had one blunder that sent his blood sugar up into the dangerous pre-diabetic range. Not too bad for having had to take a crash course in diabetic nutrition and food preparation.


Consequently I did not have time to sit at my art desk last week. When I wasn’t researching or preparing food we were walking, because we discovered that walking for 30 minutes to 1 hour can decrease his blood sugar by a whopping 20 points!

Yesterday, Mark went back to work and I was able to find a few hours to sit and draw. Here is my progress so far.

I am wishing everyone a very happy and healthy day!


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  1. That was certainly a week! UFDA! I have had both types of sugar issues over the years, and it really is a balancing act. So glad that a brisk walk is having such a BIG effect, that is such good news! Bet this will be under control before you know it. Sometimes just a few change make huge differences, and you are certainly taking note, so you will have the necessary data to use when making decisions.

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