ElephantDrawing4-72Many people have an animal or flower, or something else that they absolutely love to the point of obsession. My mother in law for example, loved owls. She had pictures of them, ceramic owls, etc. Owls were her passion. For me it has always been horses. Since I saw my first “real” horse during a parade when I was about 7 or 8, I was hooked. I was holding my Grandmothers hand watching a parade go by and there it was, a horse. A real live horse, I was so excited! Much to my delight, so was she. My Grandmother never learned to drive a car, but she could drive a team of horses expertly, or so I was told. She loved them and whole heartedly supported my excitement over the magnificent animal.

As an adult my obsession still had not faded, so when I had the chance to start drawing horses for profit, I jumped at the idea. I spent lots of time at the local stable, which gave me plenty of time to fulfill my equine obsession without having to spend a dime. It was a really sweet deal.

So why, you might be thinking, am I drawing a picture of an elephant? Well… it was an accident in manifestation. You see I was talking a lesson through the Good Vibe Tribe on manifesting basics. During one particular exercise, we were suppose to think of something that we desired but did not yet possess. My mind immediately went to money (you know you can never have enough of it and at the time I was about to quit my job). Then, as usual, my mind began to wander and I started to think about Feng Shui-ing my house. (I know, ADHD) So there I was staring at my “Wisdom” wall in my living room wondering what would be a good symbol of wisdom. Elephants, I though, elephants are wise. They are suppose to be incredibly intelligent, in fact.

Now please keep in mind that I was still in as semi-meditative state with the intention of manifesting still present in the back of my mind. Suddenly I was aware that my mind had wandered and I was no longer meditating, so I stopped the whole thing, got up and started my day.

Two days later I received my first elephant, in the form of a book marker with the photo of an elephant on it. Then I started getting eMails with messages pertaining to elephants. I started seeing elephants in stores, on t-shirts, then more mail with photos of elephants. It was all really too much. There were literally elephants everywhere I looked. The final profound elephant moment came when I was in a hurry one day, but I wanted to listen to an audiobook while I went about my daily chores. So I clicked on and choose the first book that I saw that was available for checkout: “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult. Guess what? It is a book about elephants.

So now I am hooked on elephants. Let this be a lesson to all who read this, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. (I’m still waiting on the extra money though).