One Project Completed, Another One Begun.

Although I have not been writing lately, that does not mean that I have not been busy. On the contrary, my daily plate is always abundantly full. When I am not busy redesigning our menu to fit my husbands new dietary needs, I am either spring cleaning or drawing. Yesterday I finished my elephant drawing. I was ready for closure on this piece. I could have worked on it for at least another week, deepening some values and lightening others. I have lots of other ideas that are festering in my brain though, and I really desired to move on.

Because my grandson was so enamored by this elephant last time he visited, I have decided to give it to him for his birthday next month.

Now… here is a sneak peak of what I started yesterday.

Charcoal Drawing (72) 5-22-2017 copy

May your day be blessed love beyond your wildest dreams.



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