Memorial Day and a New Project

I had a wonderful weekend with my husband and grandson. We hiked the mountains around our town as well as the Rattlesnake Trail in Missoula, MT. We walked a lot, talked a lot and laughed a lot.

Marcus and Grandma copy

Marcus, grandpa and grandma copy

I spent this morning cleaning up all the messes that we made over the last 3 days, then I headed to my art desk to begin my new drawing.

I had intended for this to be another charcoal drawing, as I wanted to practice my basic drawing skills for a while before attempting to create anything with my colored pencils, but it didn’t work out that way. This picture simply wants to be done in color.


My creating is slow on this piece because I haven’t worked with colored pencils in over 10 years and I felt very nervous. “What if I forgot how?” “What if I mess it all up by applying color?” “What if…?” Thoughts were racing through my head, but the charcoal thing was simply not happening, so I took a deep breath and put the waxy pencil to the paper.

While I was working, I kept having a reoccurring thought that I might want to have this image printed on a piece of fabric when I am done. I think it might be fun to make a mini quilt combining this image with a traditional quilt pattern and some colored quilting thread. My imagination began to run wild with all the possibilities. But I shouldn’t put the proverbial cart before the horses. I’ll keep on working this piece and see what happens once it is finished.


4 thoughts on “Memorial Day and a New Project

      • We live closest to the BigHorn range, so often go to WY, but DH was a wilderness ranger in the CO Flat Top range so when we could manage a week we would go there. We’ve been up around Polson, MT, where my old aunties lived before they passed. Hoping to manage a trip up to MT again, now that Girl #1 is in Bozeman.

        I love the Black Hills, but they are still just hills, since I spent most of my growing up years in CO. They are for afternoon hikes, not camping!

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  1. Beautiful work. Sometimes we have to let go of our worry about ‘what if’ and just start a project. My theory is, what is the worst that can happen? I might start again and learn something along the way!
    Your weekend of hiking looks amazing!

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