Fantasy the Unicorn

This is day two of working on my Unicorn and I am having the best time. I absolutely love it when I loose track of time, than I “wake up” to find something on the paper before me. It’s like magic.


My husband loved what I had done yesterday, but he was unsure if I would be happy with the end result if I added the unicorn horn. I thought about it, then I asked my little Facebook community and the resounding answer that I received was, “follow your own intuition”. So I am going to add the horn. If I don’t like it I can always throw the piece out and start over; right? Right! So the horn stayed.

I am still feeling like I might want to try a Spoonflower fabric panel for this one. I really think it might be fun to do something textile-ish with it. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Happy creating every one!


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