Bullion Rosebuds

Yesterday I pulled out a little quilt that I started last year but never finished. Part of the quilt has tiny 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” squares that have tiny rosebuds embroidered on them. I had embroidered 84 of these little buggers, before I set the project aside. While I was cutting each one out I thought perhaps it was time that I did a tutorial on how to make these petite roses.

Bullion Rosebuds

(This is the back of the fabric)

With your needle threaded with embroidery floss, (I used 3 strands), Insert the needle in through the back of the project. Leave yourself a little tail, don’t bother clipping it as the embroidery work will cover it.

Turn your work and reinsert the needle perpendicular to the first stitch: Pull it through and your stitches are secure. You can now begin to embroider.


This is the front of the fabric

Once you flip your work over, it should look something like this.

Pull your needle up through your fabric at the top of the securing stitch. Stick the needle back down through the fabric at the bottom of the securing stitch and back up again next to where the tread is emerging from the fabric. Tuck the secured end of the thread under the needle and wrap it around the tip of the needle 4 times.

Give the floss a little tug so it wraps snuggly around the needle. Be careful to not make it too tight. Hold the wrapped floss with a finger or thumb and pull the needle all the way through.

As you pull the floss, the wraps will tighten. First pull the the floss away from you, then toward you and your first bullion is formed.

Secure your stitch by reinserting the needle where the stitch ended, then pull it back up next to the tip of the first bullion.

Repeat the stitch exactly the same way that you did the first one.

To make the next layer of rose petals, pull the needle up through the fabric about half way up the first petal and a little off to the side. Insert your needle at the bottom of the stitching then back up at the starting point.

This time you are going to wrap the thread around the needle 5 times. Again, you will secure the stitch by inserting the needle at the bottom of the rosebud and pulling the floss through.

Repeat the directions from above, only this time you are going to increase your stitch wraps to 6. Secure your stitch.

Keep repeating the repetitious instructions from above, increasing your wraps around the needle by one each time you make a new petal.

Once you have 3 rose petals on each side, you can finish off your rose by securing your floss. To do this you simply slip it through your work on the back of the fabric several times, then snip your floss.


You can add leaves to this simply by changing the color. This whole process can be a little time consuming especially if you are like me and need to make a lot of them, but the end result is very elegant especially if you use a variegated, satiny finished floss like I did.

Embroidered Roses 3 -72:2

Happy Sewing!!

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