Fabric to Fall in Love With

Not all quilting fabric is created equal, even when it is manufactured by the same company. I have no idea why this is and upon inquiring about this with several different quilt shop owners in the past, it turns out that they did not know either. Take this fabric that I am currently working with. It is a lovely French grey/beige color with a linear pattern that would make it an unwise choice for many quilting patterns.

Black Tie Affair Fabric

Since I am using the majority of it as sashing though, it fit my needs perfectly. The real reason that I purchased it however is that it was the only piece of fabric that would match it’s linen counterpart in the current quilt that I am working on. When I first decided to purchase it I thought quilting fabric is quilting fabric, today I was proven wrong though.

As I was pressing it prior to cutting, I was pleased to see that it was a very nice quality of fabric, a bit heavier than I usually find at the quilt shop. As I started working with it in earnest however, I had to stop and look at the printed information on the edge of the yardage because this fabric was clearly exceptional. It is Basic Grey from Moda in the Black Tie Affair line and I have to say that it is probably the finest piece of cotton that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It presses effortlessly, it is crisp yet has a wonderful drape to it and the full body feel of the fabric is a quilters dream. Kudos to Moda!

As you can see I was fussy cutting the fabric into 2 1/2 x 8 1/2” in sashing strips. Because of the design it was a cinch to cut perfectly aligned strips, all 80 of them. It was very time consuming, but a pleasure all the same. I spent a wonderful afternoon, cutting fabric and listening to The Secret Garden while the wild Montana winds blew gusts of air around outside. It was a completely enjoyable afternoon.


Happy Creating!



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  1. Good fabric is always a joy to find. When I was a little girl I would go to the Willitte’s fabric store in Trenton, NJ and I would “feel” the colors. I could always tell by the dye job the quality of fabric. Hhmmm… maybe I am a Fabric Whisperer :0


    • Yes, the fabric is the sashing for the block and the roses are the corner squares. The Secret Garden is one of the many go to books I like to listen to while I work. It is calming and it inspires the imagination. ❤

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