The Rose Garden Quilt is Coming Together

About two years ago I ordered backing fabric from for a quilt that I was working on. When the fabric arrived it was in two different pieces. I was annoyed but decided to make the best of a bad situation by sewing the two pieces together. The joke was on me though, because when I took the fabric out of the washer the one piece was about 10 inches wider than the other and the color had bled out of it! They sold me two completely different cuts of fabric!

Assembled Red Block 2

I figured that I would eventually use the fabric for something so I set it aside for a while. Last year when I started this rose garden quilt I decided to combine to two cuts to make one block and this is the result of the merger.

Yesterday I added the machine embroidered leaves and I feel like it brought the four squares into a sort of harmony.

Today I was able to add the sashing and corner squares to each red block and I am really feeling good about my color choices. This is only one style of block that will be in this quilt, I’ll show the other one sometime next week.

Assembled Red Blocks 6

Have a GREAT weekend!

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