Virginia and Nevada Cities!

Saturday was a fun-filled day for us. We spent the day at Virginia and Nevada Cities with our oldest son, his son and his new fiancé . Me, being the quilt magnet that I am, discovered a few treasures that were tucked away so as only a trained quilters eye might notice them.

My first discovery was this wonderful little crazy quilt that was hanging in one of the exhibits in Virginia City. It was placed in such a way that most people walked right by it without noticing. Unfortunately it was also hanging by a window and the sun had begun to fade some of the fabrics a little. It was a interesting quilt to find nevertheless. It was small, perhaps it was made for a baby or small child. The stitching was clearly done by an experienced hand as the embroidery work was evenly spaced as if it had been done on a machine, but of course it hadn’t. I was surprised to discover that this quilt was not quilted or tied. There was not one stitch visible to the eye that would indicate any type of quilting, however it was clear that there was some type of batting, or perhaps an older blanket beneath the quilt top.

My next discovery was these cute chair pads that had been made out of an old log cabin quilt. It seemed a shame that they should cut up a quilt so some tourist could sit on it to rest their weary legs, but it was a nice little find regardless.

A little while later while I was locking my rambunctious 6 year old grandson up in the Nevada City jail, I looked at one of the jail house beds and this Churn Dash (Monkey Wrench) quilt was bunched up on it. I immediately grabbed it and took it out into the sunlight for a better look and this is what I discovered.

What a pretty quilt it was at one time. But time has never been known to be kind to living beings or things and this blanket seems to have gotten the worst of what life has to offer. Not only was it thread bare in spots, but someone had actually cut large rectangular holes in it! Perhaps it was the last inmate that was locked up for horse theiven’!

The last quilt that I found was this one that looks to have been made in the 1980’s. It was tucked beneath some blankets with only the one corner poking out.

Old Quilt Pattern

I don’t know what the pattern name is, and perhaps there is none, but it is a pretty little arrangement that I would love to reproduce with up-cycled fabrics. If anyone knows the name of this pattern, please share it with me, I would love to know.

We have been to Virginia and Nevada several times over the past 5 years, but each time we go they have new or different buildings and exhibits open to the public. Mark and I plan on revisiting again very soon, by ourselves, so we can take our time and explore a little more in depth.

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