A Joyful and Busy Weekend

My husband and I spent the weekend in Helena, first for my grandsons 6th birthday party:

Marcus' party

I gave him my Elephant drawing and he was thrilled that it is finally his to keep. 6 year olds are so funny.

Marcus' party 2

Party at Canyon Ferry Lake

Then we went back to Helena on Sunday to pick up new (used) furniture for my sewing room. We saw this stuff on Saturday at the Goodwill, but didn’t have the presence of mind to pick it up then, so we drove back on Sunday. It was worth it:

Baker's Rack

A Bakers Rack, in excellent condition,  that is (almost) the correct size for my quilting fabrics


Sewing Table

A handmade oak table that is now my sewing table.

All for the grand price of….


Now that is a bargain!

Happy creating everyone!

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