So Scrappy Quilt Challange

Recently I decided to join a sew along. I have tried joining online sewing circles before, but my life had been so busy that I simply didn’t have enough time to devote to it, so as to keep up with the other quilters. Last week I discovered the So Scrappy blog and I decided that joining in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge might be fun. I look forward to using up all my scraps and since I have them all sorted by block sizes, I am hoping that this challenge won’t be too difficult for me to keep up with.

Here are my 3 blogs that I made up for this months color, which was yellow.

It was really a challenge for me, as I have very few yellow scraps, So I improvised and pieced things together, then cut my scrappy scraps to the size that I needed. In hindsight I should have just done a nine patch, but I though I would be a bit more creative. I’m not sure I like the results of the yellow blocks, but hopefully once it is set with the other colors of the rainbow it won’t look so bland. But hey…it’s a happy quilt, right?

If anyone is interested in doing in the fun, the link to this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge is here.

Happy sewing!


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