Tip-toeing in the Instant Messaging World

I am cleaning up and reordering my life…again. Life is really like a recipe, you need to make tiny adjustments until you get the flavor just right.

With the relocation of my sewing room from the finished basement to an unused 1st floor bedroom, I am once again downsizing. This is good though, because it makes me reassess what really defines me and what doesn’t.

My sewing room is not the only thing that has been revamped. If you have been following my blog, it will be obvious to you that it has a completely new appearance to it. I felt like it was time for a change.

fb_icon_325x325It also means that I am branching out a little bit more. I have a brand new Facebook Page, that I invite you to follow: https://www.facebook.com/Createdbybella/

apple-touch-icon-192x192And a new Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CreatedByBella  I haven’t had time to post yet, but it is up and running if you would like to follow me.


This is an awful lot for my 50 year old brain to take in all at once, but I am managing.

Happy Creating!

4 thoughts on “Tip-toeing in the Instant Messaging World

  1. I do not use social media a lot, finally opened a instagram account and now I need to learn how to use it 🙂 I mainly just blog and read others – I keep my facebook account to keep in touch with family and join some quilting groups on facebook although I am not real active with them – like the new look on the blog I follow you on my feedly reader

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  2. Thank you for your feedback Karen, it means a lot to me. Of all the platforms, I dislike Instagram the most. I am simply too busy during the day to post constantly or to respond, so I might just drop that one. I too just blog, read other blogs and keep up with family and friends on Facebook. To rest is over whelming to me.


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