A Lesson in Class Selection

BackingFabricRecently I was online looking at the business hours of a quilt shop in Helena, Montana. I was going to be near there the next day and I wanted to pick up some backing fabric for my Dutch Windmill quilt. While I was on their website, I noticed that they would be hosting a free motion quilting class this month and since I am still having tension issues on the back of my fabric when I FM quilt, I decided this would be a great opportunity for me to find an answer as to what I was doing wrong. Online it said the class was $42.00.

While I was in the store the next day I asked to sign up for the class and I was asked for my $87.00 payment or at the very least a deposit of 1/2 down. Huh? I was dumbfounded; $87.00? She explained that the class was $42.00 and the required kit was $45.00. “OK, what is in the kit”? I asked. Everything she mentioned I already had. Supreme slider, fabric, batting, FM machine foot, quilting needles… etc. I told her that I had all of those things and that I really didn’t need a second supreme slider or a third FM quilting foot, could they wave the supply fee if I brought my own supplies. “Nope.” I politely thanked her and left.

Free Motion Quilting Class

In the car I had the print out of all their classes and guess what? There was no mention of an addition supply fee. So I went home I and looked at their online page and there was no mention of the extra fee there either. I wanted to know what I was doing wrong with my sewing, but I really didn’t want to pay $87.00 and waste an entire Saturday, just to have the instructor answer one question, there had to be a better way.

CraftsyLogoLast week the answer came in the form of an eMail. It was from Craftsy announcing their newest sale: ALL CLASSES UNDER $20! “Hhmmm”… I thought to myself, “but do they have a class for free-motion quilting that shows the tension issues that I have been having?” So I headed over there to see. Guess what? They did.



“Mastering Your Machine: Secretes for Beginner Quilters”. I am not a beginner quilter, but I really needed help with my FM tension issues and this class promised to deliver, so I signed up.


Let me say right now to was well worth the $20.00. It was well worth the full price of $39.99. They class was GREAT! Cyndi Souder, the class instructor, was fantastic. Although I knew about 90% of what she taught, the 10% I didn’t know, was information that is very important to successful quilting and sewing in general. She covers everything from choosing the correct needle to quilting properly to cleaning your machine when you are done.

I have spent all but 3 years of my life sewing and I am still learning new tricks of the trade. Craftsy and Cyndi did an awesome job and I am so very glad that I did not spend the $87.00 for the quilt store class. Yeah CRAFTSY!!!

If you are interested in taking a Craftsy class at this bargain price, you will have to hurry, because the sale ends tonight at 11:59 pm!

Happy sewing!

7 thoughts on “A Lesson in Class Selection

  1. wow! they really should have mentioned that in the info about the class – kind of false advertising in a way wasn’t it. I have quite a few Craftsy classes and I’ve been pleased with most of them and those that I wasn’t I still learned something and didn’t consider it a waste of the money as I always buy when they are on sale and get a small commission because I am an affiliate. Glad the class was useful to you!

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    • I, like you Karen, always learn at least 1 new thing from each Etsy class I take. It’s a great resource with the prices quite reasonable. I applied to be a Craftsy affiliate the other day and I am waiting to here back from them. I thought that since I use their site and I love to tell everyone about them, perhaps earning a commission for all the business I send their way, would be a good thing. Thanks for your thoughts!


  2. Craftsy is wonderful. I took the paper piecing class and it was so helpful. Plus you can replay the lesson over and over. I watch my emails from them and have gotten additional classes when they have their good sales. Well worth it. Crummy of that quilt store not having the real price of the class advertised.

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    • I love being able to replay the classes Terri! In fact, I was on there the other day replaying a segment from another class that I had taken 2 years ago. I always feel as if I have gotten my moneys worth of information. I’m interested in the paper piecing class that you mentioned. Do you remember who the instructor was?


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