New Business Cards!

My new business cards have arrived! Countless times over the past year, I have been in quilting conversations with various people and I wished I had a business card to exchange with them, but I didn’t. Ordering some has been on my to-do list for sometime, but something else always came up to distract me. Early last week I made myself sit down at the computer and order them, and I’m glad I did.

Business Cards

I would love to see what other people are doing for business cards, so if you have some, please feel free to add a link to a photo of them in the comments section below.

Happy Creating!

4 thoughts on “New Business Cards!

  1. no business cards here I quilt for fun not business although I sell quilts now and then I just use one contact that I have had for 15 years – no card needed. Although I have been asked numerous times to make a quilt I turn it down- will not add stress myself and do not like to work on a schedule – when I am done with a quilt and someone wants to buy it that is another story

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    • That is how my mom worked Karen. For a while though, she did advertise in the local paper for doing alterations, but she only sold her custom made baby quilts to friends. The quilt business has to stay fun AND relaxing for me, or I will not do it. I have learned to say “NO” with vigor, LOL.


      • Yes for sure – I just do not want to get into any kind of deadlines and schedules! It takes all the fun out of quilting and then you have no time to make your own that you want to do.

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