Weekend Camping Trip

Wow, what a great weekend we had! We went camping at Avalanche Gulch in the Big Belt Mountain range above Canyon Ferry Lake in Helena Montana. My son and his fiancé invited us to spend the weekend with them and their two sons. When we got there however we discovered that they also brought 3 other children. So we made quite the party; 4 adults, 5 kids and 4 dogs!

It was all very relaxing and completely enjoyable. Especially Saturday morning, because my husband and I awoke before anyone else, so we a few hours to enjoy the sun illuminate the cliffs above us while we sat around the fire eating bacon and eggs with lots of hot coffee.

There was a stream that ran right next to the site, which was very pleasant to listen too, and although the water was icy cold, the kids had a great time playing in it.

We even managed to corral the kids and dogs into the trucks, so we could drive up the mountain to do a little hiking.

Consequently I did not do any sewing this weekend, which was a-ok with me, I needed a break.

Happy creating everyone!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Camping Trip

  1. I love that country!! we have a small motorhome that we take as crawling in and out of a tent is more than we want at 65 but that is what we used to do for years and years now – we have a small home on wheels not one that is huge. We love campsites next to a mountain river and hikes in the mountains – I so miss it – next year can’t come fast enough

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  2. I too am getting too old to sleep on the ground Karen. My son thought of that in advance though and he blew up an air mattress for us and tucked it into our tent. He is so sweet. We too love to camp near water, it makes the experience so much nicer. If you two are ever in our neck of the woods, let me know and maybe we can plan a camping trip together.

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