Another Relaxing Weekend

Mark and I just spent another relaxing weekend away from civilization and it felt, oh so good.
This time we camped alone, but our son Ryan came to visit us a few times. His busy schedule did not allow for him and his family to join us over night, but we did get in one visit with him and our grandson and one incredible hike.


This is the mountain that we decided to hike. It doesn’t look too bad from this perspective, but it really is a steep climb over a lot of slippery shale and other sliding rocks.

Rocky Mountain

This is what the terrain looked like for the majority of our hike.

Ryan, Bella, Mark and Kelly

We started out with lots of enthusiasm and energy and we returned later in the day weary and having only energy enough to open soda cans and beer bottles.

The view from the top was amazing! Unfortunately I don’t have any photo’s of the tippy top, where we collapsed into a heap on the forest floor with my hound dog Emma napping on my leg. It was so peaceful up there though. The only other signs of life up that high were a few birds flying by and some mountain lion & mountain goat tracks in the dirt. It was like we were the only people on earth. The breeze was light and cool and the air was clean and sweet with the scent of juniper and pine. I didn’t want to come back down.

We did eventually come back down though and as usual it is hard to re-acclimate ourselves after being away. So today Mark and I are both back at the grind stone. We are activity participating in the world, but wishing we were still sitting on top of the world.


On the topic of creating, while looking through my precut fabrics for the new quilt block design that I am working on, I discovered that I have way too many scraps and I really needed to use them up before spending any more money on fabric. So I decided to make a second quilt for the So Scrappy sew along. I am way behind, but I think I can catch up pretty quick. This is what I have for the last week of the “blue” month.

Crossroads Block Blue 1

I have no idea what the name of this block is. Elenor Burns calls it “Crossroads”, others refer to it as a “Postage Stamp” block, and still others refer to it with at least a dozen other names. I think I am going to go with Elenor’s “Crossroads” title, because it seems that I am always at another crossroad, having to make yet another major decision.

Have a great week everyone and Happy Creating!

10 thoughts on “Another Relaxing Weekend

      • Yes Melanie, I do have a problem coming back down, my knees scream at me. By the time we made it back down to the road I was limping pretty bad. I, like you, have to take a slower pace when descending, walking sideways whenever I can.


  1. neat place to camp – envious! next year we will be someplace like this though – can’t come soon enough. I love the block – I always call them postage stamps but yes lots of names!

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    • Lol…I use to use the “getting older” excuse too Kathy. But after having several years of my life taken away from me because of chronic pain, I made the decision that I was not yet ready for the rocking chair (or wheel chair). So my outdoor expeditions have gradually increased each year, so now I can keep up with my 26 year old son and I can out hike my 23 year old son. I can hike and climb better now than when I was in my 20’s. I want to take up serious rock climbing, but I have yet to find someone who wants to repel off cliffs with me, Lol.

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  2. Lots of nice BLUE in that scrappy block, but I had to chuckle at your notion of “using… up before spending any more money on fabric.” Good luck with that!! In my experience, using scraps simply spawns MORE scraps. It’s a fun thing to try, though!!

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