Completing Unfinished Projects

I have been working hard completing unfinished projects this week. First was to cut up some of the old cotton clothing that has been sitting in my “to be cut up” pile for a while now. I like to reuse whenever I can so the buttons went into my button jar and the fabric went into my fabric stash shoe boxes.

The other project that I needed to get done this week was a checker board that I had purchased the fabric for over a month ago. The checker board is for my grandson and my soon to be step grandson. They are both 6 years old and they are both (of course) huge super hero fans. We will be hanging out together this weekend and I thought it might be a good idea to teach them the art of checkers.


Checkerboard 4

I made a little drawstring bag to hold the checker pieces as well.

Checkerboard 5

This is the back of the board.

The whole thing was designed so it could be folded up and hooked close with a button.

Now I am onto getting caught up with my sew scrappy quilt along and the Hungarian Posies table topper.

Happy Creating!

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