So Scrappy Quilt Blocks

I have been having a very enjoyable time making the orange scrappy quilt blocks for September. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, with all the beige, yellow, golds and orange colors that can be found everywhere. I also am a huge fan of All Hallow’s Eve and the ancient legends and lore associated with it. Therefore this months challenge is more enjoyable for me than any of the other color challenges that have preceded it.

To be stitched into my Crossroads quilt I created this block:


I love the bright, vibrant feel of this block, but I am a little grieved that I am running out of orange scraps, so I don’t know how many more orange blocks I can make.

I also made this block in honor of the season:

Jack O'Lantern 1

I had so much fun making this little guy, that I am thinking of making  more  So Scrappy autumn blocks for a quilt. I think an Autumn quilt made entirely with scraps would be fun and interesting.



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