Scrappy Pumpkins

Can a person have too much fun designing quilts? I have to wonder, because I am having a great time. I started this little scrappy pumpkin a few days ago and I keep adding little elements to it and I am having a wonderful time watching it evolve.



The pumpkin and the leaf are stuffed, so when I go to quilt this block they will be raised and a bit puffy.

Creating with scraps is so much fun!

Happy Creating!!

6 thoughts on “Scrappy Pumpkins

  1. Thank you Nanette, I appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry to here about your carpel tunnel. Has the Dr. given you the ok for exercises yet? In my not so distant past, I was a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and CTS was one of my specialties. I encourage you to massage your forearms (front and back) and hands several times a day and do all the exercises that the Dr. allows. Hopefully you will be back to quilting and typing with both hands soon. I wish you a speedy recovery!


    • I had this done in 1998 but it came back.

      My right hand is back to normal as surgery was in June. Just had left done last Thursday so still in cast.

      Moving fingers and thumb as much as Cast will let me do.

      Cast off. Ext Wed and will do all required.

      Thx for advise. So important.

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