The Homestretch

I’m on the homestretch! I only have 3 flowers and 6 leaves left to quilt, then…I am done! With the quilting aspect at least. Once it is off the frame, (hopefully this afternoon), I will cut off the excess batting and bind it all.

There are some things I wish I had done differently now that I am feeling better and the quilt is almost finished and I think you can plainly see my mistakes.


The first is that when I appliquéd the flowers on, I had intended to stuff each petal using a technique called trapunto. At that stage of the quilt though I was having a great deal of difficulty completing simple tasks and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to add more to my work load. So I left the petals empty. I didn’t mind it so much until I quilted all the little fish and fish bubbles, then I really noticed the imbalance. It bothered me so much that I knew I had to rectify the issue, so I decided to add just a touch of quilting to to each petal. The leave were not too bad, but the flowers were an issue in most places.


Quilting the FlowerIt is bad enough to have to go through 3 layers of fabric and the batting, but in some places I had to go through 6 layers: The seam allowance, the overlap with other flower petals, the fabric it was appliquéd to, the batting and the backing. Big mistake on my part. If I had it to do over again, I would have done the trapunto like I had intended, quilted the petals to the top only, then sandwiched the whole think with the center batting and backing. Too late now though, so I just made the best of it. I am hoping that when I launder it it will fluff up a bit and not look to bad.

Have a great day everyone and happy creating!!

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