Hawaii Quilt Completed

Yesterday I put the last stitch on the Hawaii quilt binding! I really had my doubts that it would be finished in time. My grand baby has been giving his Mama lots of scares for the past month; the day after Thanksgiving he actually sent her to the hospital. Consequently Jasmine has been put on partial bed rest because her due date is not for another 3 weeks. My hope is that he can stay put until Christmas at least, but you never know.













Boxed and ready to go!











4 thoughts on “Hawaii Quilt Completed

  1. Such beautiful colors – and hoping baby is minding! How are you feeling? I am hoping OK! I am now back in my Studio – I lost exactly 7 days of life! But guess it was worth just staying inside and resting resting. I am feeling better. Not 100% but strength is back about 75%. Take care

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    • I’m feel a LOT better thanks for asking Nanette. The only risidual effect is that I have still have a little problem with my speech, but every day it gets a bit better. I’m really glad you are up and about again: The flu seams to get worse every year. Take care~


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