Back to the drawing board…literally

Gradually I have been preparing for the arrival of my new paints, which are due to arrive on Friday. I really wish we had a professional art store near us, but we don’t. The closest is in Utah which is about 450 miles south of me. When I lived on the east coast, I became spoiled with everything I could every want or need within an hours drive. Living in a remote, rural community in the northern Rockies has it’s disadvantages.

Anyway, I trimmed away the damaged part of my butterfly painting and I had just enough of the remaining fabric to accommodate a second try. I wanted to enhance the background colors, so I utilized the few fabric paints I had left and I set to work repainting the background. I added more orange and pinks to the sky and I really like it. It has a stormy kind of feel.

Painted Background

Using the original drawing as my guide, I traced the butterflies onto tracing paper:

Butterfly Drawing

Tracing Butterflies

Using good, old-fashioned ingenuity, I flipped the paper over and re-traced all the butterflies using a charcoal pencil.

Charcoal on Tracing Paper

Once that was complete, I flipped it over onto my background fabric, aligned it to where I wanted the butterflies to be and I re-traced for a third and final time.

Transfering design 1

Transfering Design 2

After lifting off the tracing paper, this is what I was left with:

Design Transfered

Now I am ready for my new paints to arrive! I am so excited to begin again.

Happy Creating!

5 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board…literally

  1. I like the additional background colors, will you stay with the same blues? And, are you getting dumped on? I saw Avalanche warnings out for the back country in Gallatin Forest. We have only and inch of snow, but 25 mph winds are making the prairie a bit dicey. In town it is OK, but cold!

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  2. Yes Kathy, I think I’ll do blue for the butterflies agains, we will see though. Each piece is so different. I start out doing one thing and by the time I’m done I have something different (LOL). We had one avalanche that I know of and that was in Helmville a few weeks ago. It was a doozie though, I hear. It took them a while to clear it up. Somewhere I heard along the grapevine that there was a vehicle trapped in it, but I truly hope not. Your 25 mile and hour winds sound like what we have been getting too. It finds it’s way into nooks and crannies around the house and make it quite chilly. We heat solely with a wood stove, (which is in the living room), so I have been sleeping with three quilts on my bed for over a month mow. Bbrrrr. Keep warm… this too will end (eventually)


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