Making Do

When we moved to Montana 13 years ago, I thought it was cute when the locals would say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change.” Well… I don’t think it’s so cute anymore because it is extremely true. The weather here changes so fast that even the national weather service can’t keep up. One moment the forecast says it is going to be sunny and the next moment you look outside and there is a blizzard wreaking it’s vengeance.

Montana Road Conditions

Because of this, it has been extremely difficult to get out and about lately. Even if the sky is sunny, the road conditions are treacherous. So consequently I am stuck here in the house day after day. I can’t even get out to get sewing supplies, I have to rely on mail order.

Yesterday morning I awoke to find the sun shining bright, so I immediately fed myself and the dogs and set my sites on heading to the nearest big town to get some much needed quilting thread. Before I left the house though, I checked and discovered that there were a few minor snow storms heading my way. I was nervous about them because I know how quickly they can turn into white-out conditions, but my determination to get out of the house overrode my fear. Then that little voice in my head said, “Check the road conditions.”

(Enter the sound effect: Wha, wha, wha, whaaa)

All the highways were solid sheets of ice! We had rain Tuesday afternoon and it froze on all the road surfaces overnight. I was going nowhere. I really needed quilting thread though, because quilting is the only thing I can do, (other then cleaning, which I already did), while being stuck in the house. Being desperate has always sent my mind into the creative mode and I quickly found a solution: 100% all-purpose cotton thread. It’s not the best, but it does work, especially if you double it up. The Coats Cotton thread I have is labeled as a 30 wt., although to me it’s more like a 40 or 50 because it breaks really easily and it not as thick as my 30 wt. Superior threads. I usually use this thread for piecing my quilts, not quilting them, but when in need…

Coats Cotton Thread

Coats Cotton Thread 1

To achieve the color that I desired, I took one stand of the light pink and one strand of the hot pink…

Coats Cotton Thread 2

… and threaded it through my quilting needle.

Coats Cotton Thread 3

The block that I am currently working on already had a tan colored quilting thread running through the center of the block and light pint on either side of that. What I wanted to do was to have the color gradually get darker as I worked outward, ending with a hot pink on the outer lines.

Rose Block

Quilting Lines


Doubling up the thread gave the quilting a nice effect.

Hand Quilting 2

Hand Quilting 1

Hand Quilting 4

My, use it up – make do – do without upbringing has proven useful once again. Now if I could just get out of the house for a few hours.

Happy Creating,


10 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Well Bella, what would I do without Amazon and mail ordering. I have not been out since 13 Dec (well OK 1 trip to get a Radio Frequency treatment in my spine) – when I started with the stupid Type A flu – and I plan on not leaving the place for the next month! I still have a cough that will not go away but getting better. Now wait until the cedar trees go away. This week is the peak. We have the low 70’s this morning and a roaring wind coming in from the North and then 2 other fronts between now and Tuesday. I am used to going SOMEWHERE, but for now I am staying at home in our nice big Studio where we play all day! – We are even doing the Curbside grocery thing in our small town. It is worth it to not get sick again! If I would have known the flu was so bad I would have never gone anywhere this winter! The day I came down with the flu (that evening) was the only day I had to go to a quilt store 30 miles away (one way). Guess I exposed them all and hopefully they did not get as sick as I have been!!!!
    Hang in there – more is coming and I think we will have a late Spring.

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    • You know Nanette, it sounds strange to say it, but it feels good to not be the only one isolated from civilization, (LOL) I saw my son last week and he said, “boy mom, you are depressed.” I didn’t know it until he said it. Being isolated from people has taken it’s toll on me. Between being sick and being home bound because of bad weather, I have been isolated since October (with exceptions for Dr. visits and seeing my oldest son on rare occasions.) Thats 4 months! I really need to relocate to a warmer and more populated area so this doesn’t happen again next year. My blog has been a true blessing though. I truly enjoy connecting with people like you, Kathy from Sewing etc.and some of my other readers. Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your comments, I alway enjoy reading them.


  2. What a great solution to your problem! I do hope you aren’t house bound for too much longer. I love pottering at home, but I’m sure if it was forced I would want to get out quickly!

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  3. I have only been out a few times in the past weeks, but that is because I am being a hermit and when it is below zero I am done! But I am fortunate because my piano kiddos entertain me continually! If you are looking for something special I would be happy to check our quilt shop for you, just let me know. Hang in there!

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