Taking Flight… Again

Yea!!! My new supplies arrived yesterday! I felt like a kid at Christmas time as I cut through the packing tape and tossed out the plastic air-filled packing bags. My new paints had finally arrived and I could start work again!

New paints and brushes

Please notice my much needed new brushes. The ones I have been using are over 15 years old. I am grateful that I had enough insight at the time to purchase the very best because they have served me well over the years.

Tried and true brushes

I almost always use primary colors and the art of mixing to achieve the color,  shade and tone that I desire.

Mixing the blue

My new brush works great for drawing fine lines. The butterfly wing I was painting is only 1″ long and 1/4″ wide.

New brush

Unfortunately the new brush it not nearly as good as my tried and true Loew-Cornell brush for overall painting, so I reverted back for the majority of the painting.

Old brush

It always surprises me how I loose time when I sit to do my art. Hours seem like minutes, as I detach myself and drift away into nothingness. Before I knew it, the first butterfly one was done and an hour had past.

Butterfly #1

Regardless of my medium, blending has always been my forte.


3 hours after unpacking my new supplies, I had two butterflies complete and I was feeling pretty good.

2 Butterflies

Happy Creating Everyone!

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