If I could wave a magic wand…

Cerulean Flight 72.2

In the wake of completing the painting “Cerulean Flight”, I read a questionnaire that asked the question:

“If you could wave a magic wand over your work, what would you want the end result to be?”

Wow! What a powerful question. I had to stop and really think about that. Instead of receiving an answer, I received a vision of the Heart quilt that I was working on last year about this time.

I had begun the project with one idea in mind, but as I worked the piece kept transforming. It was as if the quilt was dictating what it wanted and I was just along for the ride. This was the first quilt I had ever made, where I allowed the changes to happen instead of just rushing to finish it. Boy oh boy, I’m glad I did! I love my quilt and I will probably never part with it because it taught me many valuable lessons along the way.

Magic Wand AngelSo back to the question: “If you could wave a magic wand over your work what would you want the end result to be?” When I close my eyes and think of my new painting AND the question at the same time, I see movement, glittery seed beads and threads that glisten. I see some dimension as the butterflies move through the piece and out the corner of the fabric. I see a blue/black brocade fabric as the inner sashing, light blue brocade fabric as the outer sashing and a vibrant bright white brocade as the final border. WOW! What a visualization!Cerulean Flight 72.2 cropped

(FYI, all of these fabrics can be purchased at Fabric.com, just click the link on my sidebar)

I know this one question has already transformed what the completed piece will look like and I believe that it will change the way I work from here on.

TinkerbellWhat about you? “If you could wave a magic wand over your work what would you want the end result to be?” This is a very open ended question. You could answer in regards to your current creative project, your blog, something in your everyday life or anything that you are not 100% in love with. The ideas are endless!


I would love to hear about what you are not completely, head over heals, in love with and how the thought of a magic wand might transform it. Please feel free to leave a response below in the comment section. Make it as long or as short as you would like and… dare to dream BIG!

Happy Creating,

9 thoughts on “If I could wave a magic wand…

  1. Well Bella, the first is that I will be able to start my walking routine again soon.(Most important) Then I would want to catch up on my quilt projects and get back to where I work in a more organized fashion. Enjoy each day as it comes. I would love to learn how to knit (a beginner now). I would love to be able to be as creative as you and paint. The butterflies are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen!!!! To look at them so freely flying through the air and those beautiful blues. The colors gradating so perfectly with the black outline! What a talented lady you are! Live another 20 years being productive and having Clay with me always!
    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Wow Nanette, great wishes! Walking, organization, basic enjoyment, being creative in life and LOVE ❤ : Truly great wishes! I'm glad you like the butterflies, I had a lot of fun doing them. Now I get to do some embellishing!!!!


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