Hand Quilting Update

I know I am a bit late on my hand quilting update, at least in regards to Kathy’s hand quilt along, I am. (Sorry Kathy) Anyway here is an update on my Rose Garden quilt.


The stitching is very slow; I can complete only 1 block a week. I am at least doing that though. As long as I am consistent I should be done with it by the end of the year. With that said, I would like to add that this will be the only hand quilting project that I will take on this year.



I deeply regret adding so much quilting to this project, but it’s too late to turn back now, so onward I must go. I am however going to take out the stitching on the one and only green 4 patch that I quilted.


To say that I HATE stitching over seams, is an understatement!!!! The stitch size is inconsistent and it puts too much wear and tear on my needles and my hands. So the stitching here has to go. I’ll figure out something else for these little blocks.



Working on the sashing hasn’t been too bad though. I can complete one sashing strip a night as long as I am not too tired by the time I sit to work on it. BTW,  I really like using the water soluble making pens. The lines are dark enough to see clearly and all it takes is a spritz of water and the marks disappear.




Wipe away excess water


Marks are gone!


If you would like to know more about this little hand quilting, quilt along, you can contact Kathy at https://livinginrapidcity.wordpress.com. She would be happy to fill you in on the details and add you to the list if you would like. You can also visit the other quilters who are participating in this little project at the following sites:

Lori: https://quiltingneeds.com

Margaret: https://thecraftycreek.com

Kerry: https://lovethosehandsathome.wordpress.com

Emma: https://emmacraftprojects.wordpress.com

Tracy: https://itsatsweetsday.blog

Deb: https://abearsthimble.wordpress.com

Connie: https://stitchingirlblog.wordpress.com

Deborah: https://adailydoseoffiber.wordpress.com

Susan: https://desertskyquilts.wordpress.com

Jessica: https://myhappycountryfarm.wixsite.com/website

Sherry: https://bookshookssticksetc.blogspot.com

Nannette: https://doitrightquilter.com

Sassy: http://farmquilter.blogspot.com

Edith: http://ediscraftinglife.blogspot.com

Sharon: https://piecinglifetogetheronestitchatatime.wordpress.com

Happy Creating !!


10 thoughts on “Hand Quilting Update

  1. Bella your hand quilting is so beautiful, I am always in awe of the thread you choose, the designs you add, it just makes me sit back and say WOW! If I could have a couple drops of that! I struggle with what to quilt, I just don’t see the possibilities. Deb got me started doing a grid on my quilt or I would have been completely after following the marks on the embroidered blocks. You create a complete package.

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    • Thank you Kathy for your kind comments. If you would like some great inspiration on what design to quilt, you might want to go to Pinterest and search for “hand quilting” and “quilting designs”. I am positive you will find some inspiration.

      I did in fact struggle with what designs to use. I spent days obsessed with finding the perfect stencils. In the end, I just used a stencil I already owned, a simple grid pattern and only a touch of imagination on the free-hand leaf pattern. BTW, I love quilting grid patterns, I think they complement all quilts.

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  2. Simply lovely! I love the designs you are using too, the graceful petal design especially. I guess I live in a bubble of not knowing about great stuff available, like these water soluble making pens…I just learned something. I am a straight line block person but I think something new is on my horizon.

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  3. This looks wonderful! And a block a week is fine–it is “slow stitching”, after all–it’s supposed to take time and the product will be worth it. I agree 100% about quilting over seams and try to avoid it when possible!

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  4. Thank you Kerry. I don’t know about you, by my slow stitching is my down time at the end of the day. It’s when I can sit down, zone out and let life slide off my shoulders. 🙂 Happy Sewing!


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